Paul Vunak Testimonials
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“There’s no flare, no garbage, no ceremonial nonsense, no magic. Paul can spend 15 minutes with anyone and make you twice the fighter you were before”-

Shane Brott, Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor

 “Finally after 23 years of Karate and other martial art styles (including military training), I found a system that works in the real world; Paul where were you 23 years ago”?

Paul Iwamoto, Chicago

“Paul thanks for a video that the ordinary person who work for a living can actually learn from! I’m passing these simple effective tools along to my wife and children”

Rick Manante, Los Angeles

Actual SEAL team members are not allowed (by strict Navy regulations) to comment, but in private conversations with me they have said that Paul Vunak’s training system has provided them with the most realistic training they’ve ever had, going back 20 years!

Paul has one advantage almost nobody else has actual experience in street fighting. Having been in it, he can teach you how to not only survive, but win, even if you aren’t experienced in the street.”

Rich Chen, Hawaiian ex-street fighter