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Named as "one of the toughest men on planet Earth" by Black Belt Magazine, Paul Vunak is internationally recognized as a major innovator in modern martial arts. A black belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 14, Paul studied Kenpo and Hung Gar (Tiger Crane) Gung Fu, before discovering Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do

A student of the legendary Dan Inosanto, Paul founded Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS) in 1983, and embarked on a career as a teacher of realistic fighting technique. Paul's fame as a teacher quickly spread throughout the martial arts world, and he was soon commissioned to teach his techniques to U.S. Navy SEAL teams. Since then he has helped train the FBI, the DEA, and more than fifty US police departments.

In 1991, he joined forces with video producer Don Wasser to form PFS Video and they started the Streetfighting Series.

With his latest instruction in the Tactical Control and Termination Series, Paul has starred in 33 of these videos and DVDs, all highly acclaimed in the martial arts world for their effectiveness and production quality. In 2001, Paul wrote Anatomy of a Street Fight, which provides an overview of many of the techniques presented in his videos. Read more about Paul here.

"The finest training I've attended in 15+ yrs. of military & civil law enforcement."
Det. Capt. G.W., Indiana
"Paul Vunak has the best system for law enforcement I've seen in 12 yrs"
Sgt. C.H., Florida
"You were one of a number of martial artists considered for the job.but none were better than you."
Commander N. E. Huston, U.S. Navy
"Thank you for the outstanding training."
Col. Richard Downie, U.S. Army
"Paul has the best program we've ever used."
Jeff Clancy, Tactical Instructor, D.E.A
"Your invaluable martial arts skill.Thank you for keeping Naval Special Warfare second to none"
F.J. Cucci, BM1, U.S. Navy

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Paul Vunak's Street Fighter Set 1
Core training for street survival confidence
The Indenfensible Straight Blast, Dumog (pushing and pulling), Sledgehammer Knockouts, Counter Drills, Low Line Leg Destructions, Advanced Trapping to Knockouts, Killer Instinct
Paul Vunak's Street Fighter Set 2
Core training to end fights fast
Mass Attack, Self Perfection Attributes II, Self Perfection Attributes III, Self Perfection Attributes IV, Self Perfection Attributes V, Intensive Weapons Training, Anatomy of a Street Fight I
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PV-1 The Indefensible Straight Blast: How to Make Him Retreat Off-Balance
The most important move to master. Effective against all fighters.
View PV-2 Preview PV-2 Pushing & Pulling: How to Leverage & Move His Body (Dumog) Paul Vunak teaches you how to move an opponent into position for the finish.
View PV-3 Preview
PV-3 Sledgehammer- Unconscious Knockouts Head Butts, Knees, & Elbows The three most explosive, injurious moves to end fights fast!
View PV-4 Preview PV-4 Counter Drills: For When His Hands Go Up (Bruce Lee's Energy Drills) Three drills by Bruce Lee to block grabbing hands. Missed by many fighters.
View PV-5 Preview
PV-5 How to Gain Entry: Low, Rapid-Fire Kicks (Pananjakman) Lightning-fast, triple combo blows. Prelude to trapping for a knockout.
View PV-6 Preview
PV-6 Advanced Knife Fighting See why the Marines, Navy SEALs, and Air Force chose Paul Vunak to teach knife fighting. Solid answers by attack angles.
PV7PV-7 Advanced, World Class Trapping with Paul Vunak The six traps you need to set up the finish you want.
View PV-8 Preview
PV-8 Mass Attack: What You Absolutely Must Know When you’re suddenly the center of attention ... tactics and training in realistic bar fight scenes you’ll remember.
pv9PV-9 Self-Perfection Attributes II A Tribute to Bruce Lee Training drills for catlike reflexes, speed, and timing.
View PV-10 Preview
PV-10 Self-Perfection Attributes V Ultra-Advanced Combos Savage stuff! Some call this Paul’s best tape yet.
View PV-11 Preview
PV-11 Self-Perfection Attributes III How to Intercept & Destroy ALL Kicks & Punches Techniques to block all kicks and punches. If your attacker has any martial arts training, these moves will nullify it. A crucial advantage.
pv12PV-12 Self-Perfection Attributes IV How to Prevent the 2 Most Common Reasons for Losing Street Fights Mixed martial arts drills to avoid sudden defeat. Includes kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling.
pv13PV-13 Intensive Martial Arts Weapons Training Filipino stick fighting. Vintage Vunak—for teachers and students.
View PV-14a Preview
PV-14A Anatomy of a Street Fight I Street Fight Analysis - How to Win When You're Outnumbered The Five Unfair Rules. Full-contact bar fights with real gang members so you’ll remember.
View PV-14b Preview
PV-14B Anatomy of a Street Fight II How to Train for Street Fights: Reality Drills Grappling, kicks, punches, and horrific combos. Training for knives and sticks. Astonishing bar fight scenes.
pv15PV-15 Law Enforcement Tactics Screaming Submissions: How to Safely & Instantly Subdue Resisters The system chosen by 50 police departments. Learn to move, control, and subdue an opponent.
pv16PV-16 A Complete Self-Defense Plan How to Become Assault Proof in Only One Weekend: (Sierra Summit I) Paul says you can become a secure fighter in just two days. Here’s a two-day seminar condensed to highlights. 2 DVD Set
Preview Available»
2 DVD Set $10.99 + S&H
pv18PV-18 The Navy Seal Fighter System Rapid Assault Tactics Win while grappling, wielding weapons, and using straight blasts. Get “one year of jujutsu lessons in one hour.”
View PV-19 Preview
PV-19 Barbaric Biting How to Instantly Get Out from Under a 250 lb. Man (Kino Mutai) with Paul Vunak Remember when Mike Tyson bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear? It worked! Savage, vicious moves! Did you know you can even bite an attacker while standing up in a grasp? Bite him the wrong way, & he'll only jerk away. Bite him this way to hold it 10 long seconds, & tear his flesh like a pitbull. Proper angles & motion to target the body's soft spots: Cheek, nipple, thigh, etc. Rare 90 yr. old Filipino art passed from Dan Inosanto to only 5 men. Every man needs to know how to bite!
pv20PV-20 Slashproof Advanced Secrets of Safe Knife Fighting Tactics with Paul Vunak How to avoid getting carved up like a roast! The 4 blade types. 3 training exercises. Gain a 95% advantage by cutting the... See how one knifer takes out 5 unarmed men. See judged knife sparring contests. "The single, most important advice on weapons." Taught to D.E.A. instructors. (Learn how to teach other instructors.) The most comprehensive knife DVDs ever. 14 hrs. condensed to highlights on
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2 DVD Set $10.99 + S&H
pv21PV-21 Maximum Security Prison Survival: Seminar Highlights (Sierra Summit II)with Paul Vunak Train for survival in hostile environments, even a maximum security prison. Weekend seminar highlights. 2 DVD Set
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2 DVD Set $10.99 + S&H
pv22PV-22 Paul Vunak's KILLER INSTINCT! Paul shows why control of emotions is as important as mastery of fighting skills. Learn how to conserve energy and release your killer instinct.
pv23PV-23 Ultimate Street Defense Tactics Learn the drills Paul taught US Navy SEALs. This intensive set teaches comprehensive direct-attack drills. Take your self-perfection training to new heights. 2 DVD Set
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2 DVD Set $10.99 + S&H
pv24PV-24 ADVANCED DUMOG I & II with Paul Vunak Functional training to control your opponent's position. With powerful Dumog techniques, you can unbalance an attacker and wheel them into the position you want. Paul teaches you how to get and keep control of your opponent so you can counterattack, execute a takedown, or set up a termination technique. Paul's training is designed to help you learn, practice, master, functionalize, and maintain your skills. Seamless tactics in all combat ranges! Sections include: Thai Clinch, The Body Clinch, Stick & Knife Fighting, Sparring, and more.
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