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2006 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Cup Black Belt Champion

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A few days ago I received both of Felipeís Instructional DVD's and Iíve seen them both more than twice. Felipeís DVDs are very helpfull and detailed; you do not learn a thousand mixed up moves, you learn a few very effective moves.

The first DVD "The Felipe Costa guard" shows a special way of working from the guard that helped me at my very next class when I rolled with my students. The Felipe guard shows how to work with people that are physically stronger and bigger than you and how they want to open your guard.

The second DVD "passing the guard" shows very specific moves to pass your opponents guard and take control. Also very use full and I could use the knowledge at my class straight after.
I highly recommend both of Felipe's DVDs.
Nathan Ovadia
3rd dan "Dennis survival"
(an Israeli Martial Art used in the IDF, FBI and
several other organizations around the world)
Special anti terror Instructor in Israeli security.
BJJ blue belt
FC-1Felipe Costa - The Felipe Costa Guard You have never seen this guard position before! For the first time, World Champion Felipe Costa shares his personal open guard secretFelipe Costa in FC-1 -a technique that's helped him win the World Championship twice and positioned him among the world's top competitors. This guard will enable you to control a much heavier and stronger opponent until you can reach a position of dominance. This DVD covers the basic posture in the Felipe Costa Guard, then demonstrates several methods of transitioning to superior positions as your opponent attempts to pass your guard.
FC-2Felipe Costa - Passing The Guard Felipe Costa in FC-2Learn from a champion! The first video presentation of Felipe Costa's guard passing strategy and technique. On this DVD, World Champion Felipe Costa not only teaches you the important details of guard passing, but also shows you several new ways to master the most difficult aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The versatile techniques shown here are effective for all practitioners, regardless of their size or strength. You will see exactly the same techniques that were successful against some of the top competitors in the world.
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