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Master of Female Fighting Techniques

"Diana Moscarda's Video series is a wealth of information and her training methods are truly cutting edge. I watched the Videos hoping to get a better understanding of effective self defense to teach my women students, and I ended up coming away with ideas for every class. I'd highly recommend Diana's tapes to anyone with even a passing interest in self defense,and I'd say the series is a must have for every serious martial artist"

Michael Brewer, JKD Instructor, Colorado Springs, CO

DM-1 Female & Fearless: How to Train for Advanced Women's Self-Defense (3D - JKD) with Diana Moscarda- Sparring drills & proper form for eye gouges, groin slaps, kicks, punches, & weapons. How to get out from under a rapist sitting on top of you & choking you: 3 simple, split-second moves to dislocate his arm. Ouch!
$9.95 + S&H
DM-2 How to Escape Rape: The Women's Complete, Proven Self-Defense Against Bigger, Stronger Men with Diana Moscarda- For women who feel like, "I don't know what I'd do? I'm afraid I'll freeze." The most comprehensive women's self-defense Videos ever. Stop 98% of attacks with these 8 simple, painful moves, targeting the body's 5 soft spots. An encyclopedia of advice about safety with ATM's, buses, doorbells, elevators, parking lots, & followers. Simple moves for how to escape a rear bear hug, rear choke hold, & top mount (rape.)
$9.95 + S&H
PV-19 Barbaric Biting: How to Instantly Get Out from Under a 250 lb. Man (Kino Mutai) with Paul Vunak- Savage, vicious moves! Did you know you can even bite an attacker while standing up in a grasp? Bite him the wrong way, & he'll only jerk away. Bite him this way to hold it 10 long seconds, & tear his flesh like a pitbull. Proper angles & motion to target the body's soft spots: Cheek, nipple, thigh, etc. Rare 90 yr. old Filipino art passed from Dan Inosanto to only 5 men. Every woman needs to know how to bite! (Women: Stop rape instantly!)
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